Trike Tours and Pricing

All passengers are provide with helmets, personal indemnity insurance, and a luggage trailer option.  A Gopro Video of your ride is also available. 


  • 1 hour - $120.00 for Tour for one passenger, $180.00 for two passengers and $240.00 for three passengers. 

  • 2 hours - $240.00 for Tour for one passenger, $360.00 for two passengers and $420.00 for three passengers.

  • 3 hours - $360.00 for Tour for one passenger, $540.00 for two passengers and $600.00 for three passengers.

  • 4 hours - $480.00 for Tour for one passenger, $720.00 for two passengers and $780.00 for three passengers.

  • Unfortunately due to constant expenses rising Ipswich Trike Tours had to rise it's tour prices I do apologize eg petrol and Insurance went from $600.00 to $2500.00 annually


Historic Ipswich Tours
1 Hour from $120.00
Tour around Queens Park and Ipswich City viewing beautiful heritage-listed buildings.
Winery Tours
3 Hours from $400.00
Ride to Peak Crossing, Ironbark and Paradine wineries and having refreshments or lunch at Royal Hotel Harrisville, though Werril Veiw and Rosewood and then back to Queens Park or a local address in Ipswich.
Lake Wivenhoe Tours
Two hours from $240.00
Ride to Wivenhoe Dam, Lowood, Glamorganvale Hills, Haigslea, Rosewood, Walloon and back to Ipswich.
Kooroomba Lavender Farm
3 hours from $360.00
Tambourine Mountain Tour
4 hours from $480.00
Helicopter and Trike Tour
From $550.00
As Seen on Queensland Weekender
Europa 2 Tours from Portside Wharf
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